Frequently Asked Questions

11. After I fill my tank with the 15 to 1 solution my refractometer reads only 2-3.5% is that wrong?
You might be expecting 6-7%, but the translucent effects of SPINDKOOL® products do not give you a true reading on your refractometer according to solution. Hint: after filling your tank, take a reading with your refractometer and write it down. That is the correct reading of the product.
22. Why is there a film on my pieces when I use the mist coolant?
The film is a corrosion inhibitor and can be wiped off, or you can reduce the mixture of mist by adding more water.
33. Do the SPINDKOOL® products tend to cause foaming?
Some foaming may occur, but used in the proper solutions, and under the p.s.i. restrictions the product will perform as intended.
44. After using a SPINDKOOL® product my machine began to rust, what happened?
Two things could have happened: When you first cleaned your machine did you leave unprotected over night? Having no lubricant film on machines leave them unprotected causing oxidation leading to rust. The second condition is the mixture ratio needs to be increased with more SPINDKOOL®. Increasing SPINDKOOL® to the mixture will give you more anti-corrosive properties protecting your equipment.