spindkool-series-37-at-workRS FARM &  HARVEST SUPPLY INC DBA RS DIVERSIFIED PRODUCTS is a company committed to environmental solutions.  We have engineered world class, biodegradable products for the Industrial and Agricultural fields.


Our Mission is to provide quality, operator and environmentally safe coolants, lubricants and cutting fluids for our customers in industry and agriculture.

RS FARM &  HARVEST SUPPLY INC DBA RS DIVERSIFIED PRODUCTS is dedicated to providing a line of products that exceed our customers’ expectations by providing the best possible results, with competitive pricing.  Our innovative products are made with the user and the environment in mind.  Our products are certified biodegradable through California Title 22, meeting or exceeding the standards of the USDA BioPreferred© Program, and are ROHS certified.


Our coolants are plant based, non-flammable, and DO NOT EMIT FUMES; therefore do not cause dermatitis or other health related issues.